Commission, Fees, and Sales Process

  • We accept ONLY children’s items for consignment. 
  • A 30% donation fee applies to all sales. This donation goes straight to Carolina  Christian Academy. We watch the market and price our items accordingly, this way we both enjoy the best reward possible. 
  • You may bring in a total of 10 Clothing items and 2-3 bigger items or toys. Merchandise is accepted for a period of 90 days with a price reduction of 15% after 45 days.  
  • Consignor payments will be available once per month by mailed check or picked up in person, Identification will be required for picking up in person. 
  • Faith Barn Market reserves the right to refuse items for sale. 
  • Seasonal items are accepted within 90 days of a holiday and any unsold merchandise must either be picked up within 15 days after holiday or donated to Faith Barn Market. 
  • We will contact you if you have any unsold items. If you don’t wish to pick up unsold items, we will take ownership of those items. If you wish to pick up items, they must be picked up within 15 days of notification.  
  • Faith Barn Market retains the right to display and market products through its website, social media pages, promotional events, advertising and in-store displays. Vendors are highly encouraged to advertise through
    their own channels such as websites and social pages. We encourage you to tag, pin, or comment on any of Faith Barn Market’s social media sites as a means of bringing visibility to the marketplace and your business.
  • Consignors are encouraged to promote their items.


Items that we DO NOT accept:

  • Drop side cribs
  • Expired Car Seats or Car Seats that have been in accidents (please be honest, you wouldn’t want your child’s life at risk so don’t put someone else’s child at risk.)  To consign a car seat with us please fill out this form: Carseat Waiver  
  • Faded, Wrinkled, Stained, Smelly, or Damaged Items.  We are NOT a garage sale or a thrift store.  Our customers expect to find high quality items, similar to what they would find at a boutique quality children’s consignment store. Please take the time to make sure that each of your items are neat, clean, fresh smelling, and wrinkle free.  Our inspection team will carefully inspect each item bought in for consignment.  Thanks in advance for your understanding that some items will be returned to you if they do not meet sale standards.
  • Garments with pilling, fuzz, lint and/or pet hair
  • Items that smell of cigarette smoke or pet odor
  • Items with broken zippers, missing buttons, small tears or holes
  • Out-of-date clothing that is 5 years or older.  Our customers are looking for brand names and current styles.  Items that look dated or worn out will be rejected.  They DO NOT sell. 
  • Clothing Items from Kmart, Walmart, or other discount stores.  Because of their already great low prices, items from these stores have a very low chance of selling the second time around.  Most Target brands are acceptable, but please keep in mind that they need to be priced low in order to sell.

SHOES – We accept infant and toddler shoes size 00-13 and children’s shoes size 1-6.  If you bring larger “adult size shoes” they must be of a style that a child or youth would wear such as sneakers, TOMS or flats.  No heels or other adult shoes shoes will be accepted.  Shoes MUST be clean, top, inside, and bottom.  They must be in EXCELLENT (like new) condition to be accepted — no missing shoe laces, scuffed toes, or bad smell.

TOYS – Toys must be clean.  Please wipe off with baby wipes or disinfecting wipes to remove dirt and fingerprints.  We will not accept toys that are broken or missing parts.  Toys must be functioning and include batteries to be sold.  We will test EVERY toy at drop off.  Items without batteries or that do not work will sent back with you.

  • Toys that are extremely faded or worn out will not be accepted.
  • No Happy Meal or fast food toys.
  • No recalled toys, damaged toys, or items that could be considered dangerous
  • No VHS/Video Tapes 

STUFFED ANIMALS – Only licensed stuffed animals (i.e. Disney) or those that move or make sounds (i.e. Elmo) are accepted.  All must be in clean, like-new condition.

GEAR – Baby gear should be clean, functioning and have all the necessary parts and batteries.  We will test each item at drop off to make sure it is working properly.

  • Baby gear should not be more than 5 years old.
  • No recalled gear, damaged gear, or items that could be considered dangerous. (ie: drop side cribs, worn or frayed straps,) 
  • Bumbo seats MUST have the safety strap.

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