Faith Barn Market began in 2018 as a thrift shop where the proceeds went to support Carolina Christian Academy. Since that time, it has grown and become a loved shopping destination for many in the community.

In 2019, we began adding vendor events during the sale dates and these were very well accepted and attended. One of these events was the 1st Annual T-ville Vintage Power Show.

Our customers also came to love the vendors who began consigning items in “the barn” as we affectionately call it. Items from Bricks And Burlap Home, Emily Heath, and several others were the first vendors at “the barn.” We found that customers were eager to shop these unique finds, so we began to formulate a plan to bring more of these types of items to our store. Our planning resulted in Faith Barn Market.

Our proceeds still go directly to Carolina Christian Academy, and the shop is managed by volunteers who are dedicated to the mission of Carolina Christian Academy which is:

“To assist in developing students spiritually, academically, emotionally, and physically by providing a Christian education in a traditional educational setting.”

Our Awesome Volunteer Staff

Ms. Abigail Kuhn

Introducing Faith Barn Market Days team member Abigail Kuhn: She is a mom of three and enjoys thrift store shopping, crafting and decorating. The inspiration for her crafting ideas comes from her love of Pinterest. Her favorite holiday to decorate and craft for is Christmas. Stop by and visit her booth Farmhouse On Paddington inside the Faith Barn Market.

Ms. Amber Brinkle

Introducing Faith Barn Market Days team member Amber Brinkle: She’s a mom of two and enjoys bargain-hunting and baking. She finds inspiration for her cookie recipes by mixing old family recipes with new ideas, the results are delicious! Be sure to try one of Amber’s tasty treats from Mixed with Grace.
Introducing Faith Barn Market Days team member Karra Becker: She is a mom of 2 and enjoys crafting, thrifting, and all things home decor related. She loves vintage and farmhouse style decor and enjoys scrolling through Instagram home decor accounts for inspiration. Be sure to stop by and visit Karra’s booth, Bricks & Burlap Home, right here at the Faith Barn Market Days!

Ms. Karra Becker