As a non-profit store that helps to support Carolina Christian Academy, we also encourage children to be entrepreneurs and learn about business by becoming vendors with us.

Below are our expectations for child vendors:

Student & Children Vendors
Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor with Faith Barn market. We encourage children to participate as it builds confidence and business skills.

Below are some expectations for our child vendors to go by:

  1. Child must have a vendor number on tags as well as price.
  2. If products are edible they must be removed at the end of the sale to prevent attraction of rodents.
  3. During warm months, if the product will be affected by heat, for example wax melts, any type of product that will be ruined by heat, must be removed between sales.
  4. A maximum of 1 product per sale is permitted. No jewelry is permitted.
  5. Ages 6-17 permitted.

    Commissions & Fees:
  6. Non-students have a 90/10 split. The school will receive 10% of the profits from products sold and children will receive 90% profits.
  7. Children will receive their payments during the 1st sale of the month in cash payments or if requested a check can be made to their parent/grandparent or guardian.
  8. No booth fee applies to a child vendor with 1 product per sale. If a child desires more products, they will need to apply as a vendor and be subject to booth rental fees.
  9. ALL products are subject to approval by Faith Barn Market staff. Any products not meeting approval will need to be removed.
  10. Students of Carolina Christian Academy keep 100% of their profits.

If you wish to become a vendor with us please click here and fill out the vendor application- please indicate in the comments section that this is a child vendor.